July- End of Month Review


Morning-Sun-mit That’s July – another month ticked off on the writing calendar. I read an inspirational letter recently from a freelance writer who embarked on her journey of success this year as well. She is successfully writing a column.


WOW – makes me feel like I haven’t been trying hard enough for the last 2 months. I haven’t even finished a writing schedule since May – July’s was barely started. I will forgive myself and promise to get committed to the writing plan again, at least I have NOT GIVEN UP or STOPPED WRITING!

So whatever you are writing KEEP GOING! Don’t put that pen down before you have explored all avenues and opportunities.

July Writing –

I was mainly involved in writing 2 short stories for Camp NaNoWriMo – a vampire story (1st attempt at this genre) and a Romance. (Also 1st attempt but am widely read in this genre.)

I have managed to nearly complete the Vampire story which could even begin to be classified as a Novella – I need to tighten it up and edit!

The Romance story is barely written but I have started it!

There is a market for a polished version of the Vamp Short and I will finish writing the Romance this summer if I can.

I also went to a regional Write In for NaNo this month in the city – which was fun!

I worked on rewriting the children’s picture book manuscript this month too and attended my 1st Critique Group in the city – where I learnt that I have a lot more work to do before even thinking of submitting – also a first attempt.

I have researched and read articles on writing – and looked for summer opportunities.

I also found out about an amazing weekend workshop – Link to follow – which has inspired me to create a writing event this autumn.

Half way through the month I started my Online Writing Course – Stunt Writing too. I have submitted the 1st two assignments for that. And am currently posting a DAILY GRATITUDE as part of my stunt – *use the category tool and ‘Daily Gratitude’ to read them all.

Maybe start your own!

I have managed to participate in blog writing challenges and am finally back ONLINE after being offline for 10 days or so over the moving period.


I have moved house, started to declutter, unpack and finished working. It has been a really busy month all round, regardless of the writing schedule. And the weather has been awesome – time in garden and allotment too.

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