Stunt Writing Gratitude Journal 4#



Gratitude 4#

I am grateful for the first day of the rest of my life!

freestock girl  on road

For those of you who do not read all the posts I resigned in May and had my last unceremonious day (after 8 years service) yesterday, I know I have done the right thing for myself and the only thing I could have done. The future is uncertain and yet I feel totally placid. The waters are soft and free flowing and I can allow the tide to take me forward to the next chapter. I am not feeling negative or concerned. Sometimes when you have lived between a rock and a hard place for so long, the dank, darkness can be quite comforting, realistically unless you want to spend the rest of your days squished and stilted the ONLY thing you can do is MOVE FORWARD. I have taken my first steps back into the light! And it feels good!

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