Stepping back into the Writer


It is my first day of freedom and I am thoroughly enjoying not having to break my morning and evening schedules up with work. My main priorities before next week are to finish the flat and get it on the market (FINALLY!), unpack and build furniture – Mr G is taking some time off to help me with that tomorrow and the lifting of extremely heavy boxes. Over the weekend we should be able to get the place straighter and that will give me some space mentally!

I also need to source and sign with agencies for work from September.

The most exciting prospect of freedom is being my writing self! Today I have been (in between unpacking and cleaning up) mainly catching up with the Online Writing Course – Stunt Writing and working towards the 2nd module. I have pottered a little in Blogland. I hope to write for some of the challenges later and also CATCH up with Camp NaNoWriMo and my more manageable 20,000 word count!

I loved spending the night with writers yesterday and it really was the perfect end to what had been a highly emotional, non-eventful departure from a 13 year career. (Oh well!) exit

And the icing on the cake was seeing my friends from London.

Today I will;

Stunt Write

Nano Write

Challenge Write


Before re-uniting with friends at a country pub! (Lovely not having work the next day!)


Happy Writing!

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