Waking Storm


On first waking
I do not hear it,
I roll towards my lover
and embrace him skin to skin.
I drift back to the place of dreams.
Time speeds up,
He wakes me gently.
The ‘goodbye I have to go to work now kiss.’
I steal his pillow
and roll over in the empty bed.
Then I hear it.

Rolling thunder
and something primitive wakes in me.
A sense of belonging
An umbilical chord
pulsing with energy
fastens me to
mother earth.
I lie down,
Asleep and yet awake
Eyes not working,
Body aching.
Internal senses I never knew existed
switch on and work

Asleep and waking,
The pattern continues
Like the ebbing of the tides.
I lie still and listen
and wrap myself up
in a rare sense of



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