Freewrite Friday -A Time & Place Scenario.



This is my entry for Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday, this week. Click the button to find out more.

At 87 I did not expect this. For years I had taught the children about the underground bunkers of my Grandparents generation… I certainly never expected I would find myself in one. They weren’t the same spaces as bunkers in the 20th Century, they were brightly lit and well equipped, the doomsday preppers had seen to that.

I shouldn’t moan really, but don’t you find everyone in their 80’s has a bit of a whine? It is because we have been around so long and seen so much. We are tired. I ache all the time. Bits of me keep breaking. I used to laugh with David that I was practically bionic, not all that dissimilar to the Alcumus, who rule the overground. Or who ruled should I say, that’s why we are all in here!

Many of the people down here are relieved to have made it underground, but you see I have a problem with people. I hate having to give up my space, independence AND natural light, all this has been the tin lid of this week! I relish isolation, even if it means going back up.

All the others are bonding, they work well together. They help each other and talk in quiet tones in small groups about the Wrath and the rule of Alcumus, they probably think I can’t hear, because I am so old. When I lost David, I aged terribly and let myself go. I stopped the injections and gravity has had a little play with my face!

They are not used to seeing the elderly. They all think I have survived some sort of massacre, looking the way I do, sitting as silent as I do. I have played the age card, it wasn’t my idea, they all assumed I wouldn’t want to be part of a survival rota. I am an extra burden they have to cater for. I sit and think and stay quiet.

The mixture of burdening the youngsters and longing for human isolation have helped me make up my mind. Tomorrow I will plan my escape.
For now though, these old bones need to sleep.

The prompt;

Let’s leap into the future with a time & place scenario. 

The year: 2063

The place: An underground bunker

What’s going on? free-write-friday-kellie-elmore

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  1. Thanks Suzanne – I realised I wouldn’t do the prompt any justice if I carried on, but here I am to add more – hope I can keep it as interesting as the opening! 😉

      • There is always a need of independence and survival. Protagonists always have those characteristics. That’s what makes them a good character.

      • Of course and I think in the world of 2063 there would be a need to survive! Strength always comes to the surface in such situations!

      • No matter what everyone: us, the animals, and the plants are all survivors. Hopefully, it won’t come to underground bunkers in the future!

  2. Love this woman! Just because she is “old” doesn’t mean she lacks character and vigor. She is wholly human with a lot to offer her fellow bunk mates. Their loss when she escapes!

  3. It sounds like an interesting world where age can be suspended. Would be wonderful to find something that fights gravity. lol Well written. 🙂

  4. I should have come to you when I was struggling with my protagonist in my book! You are a master, missy! I bow. Yes. I bow.
    You write them, and they will come 😉

    Books that is… you should do it. Like now.

    • Aww thanks Kellie – they just come – I can free write – it is the word count I struggle with, like you I am a poet foremost and a writer after.
      Glad you thought the character was that strong!
      Loving your prompts – a great workout for my soon to be ‘between jobs’ brain!
      I am working on 2 short stories, a Non-Fiction M/S, a poetry collection and a Picture book. I dabble genres. I have trained with practioneers in each field who said I could write XXXX (enter genre) and I have never stopped believing that!
      However, in a moment of clarity and swirling words in May I decided to focus on the poetry 1st and grow from there- like you and your novella.

      You are also an inspiring poet and blogger! Throws the kudos coin right back ‘atcha!

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