FSF – Five Sentence Fiction – Wisdom


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Wisdom is something which the old tell the young about, the old tell the young that they will acquire it one day and the young find this incomprehensible to imagine as they are not yet wise enough to hold such a thought!

It saddens my heart that so often the old then lose this wisdom as diseases take control of their ancient minds and wipe the slate of memories one by one, until they call you by the wrong name, a name from a different generation becomes your identity, still you look at their wrinkled smile and know that they were once the one who spoke of great wisdom.

You age, your heart becomes scarred and blessed by experiences and your mind without your conscious thought, develops. Until one day you realise you are wiser, you talk to someone younger and tell them it will be okay and everything happens for a reason, you pass on the pearl that wisdom will come with age.

Then your face wrinkles into a smile, as you realise you are old. tumblr_mniykg0tKO1qg4kx9o2_r1_500Art credit to tumblr_mniykg0t

I took the liberty of using much longer sentences this week – seems I am not yet wise enough to compose this idea in fewer words. (Checks mirror for wrinkles!)

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    • Yes, I know what you mean, I have yet to arrive – but I have had the scars and blessings with more intensity than one of my years needs – so maybe I am closer than I think. Kind of creeps up on you. Suddenly you know things, can tell and you learn to listen to the inner voice (the calm one!) Thanks for the read.

  1. A sadly bitter-sweet tale of the individual fate of Humankind.

    You describe so right the tragedy of ageing, but we have the collective wisdom that is never lost!

    I like the way you give a positive twist to your post!

    Thank you, Neen!

    Od Liam

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