Celebrating a Distinction! Rhetorical Composition II


A month after my first online writing experience finished I have finally got the results!

Congratulations! These are the courses that you’ve earned a statement of accomplishment for on Coursera. It’s up to the professor how to calculate grades for a course, so if you’re wondering why you earned your grade, click the help icon to see the grading policy, and if that’s not clear, please post in the course forums.

Writing II: Rhetorical Composing

Apr 22nd 2013

You earned 100.0% with distinction


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  1. Congratulations!!!! I tried a Coursera course and missed getting the certificate by .8 of a point. I had missed one assignment in a rather droll course…oops 😉

    • Oh that’s a shame – well as you know these one threw a few curve balls and was extended by 4 weeks which meant that by the time I was moving the course was still being studied! (Or not as I had no internet access!) I wasn’t sure I would pass – fortunately I just missed the level up challenges!
      I am so delighted because there was sweat and tears and to go through all that and not get the credit would have been the pits!

    • There was no individual assignment feedback as such as it was all peer assessed, sometimes the reviews were helpful and other times written by people who clearly hadn’t researched the assignment or the academic references. It was one of 6 we had to do over the course, they all linked. I missed most of the final week as I was offline and concerned this would cost grading, but it was all a level up opportunity. A Distinction is just fine! 🙂

      Already enrolled in a new online writing experience -not coursera this one is through Canvas, it started last week, 1st assignment due Mon 22nd, I have only managed time for the background reading – I will work on that tomorrow. As I love treading the edge of the deadlines so much!

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