The Mighty TO DO List!


Today is the first day of this mighty TO DO list – unfortunately only a fraction of it has anything to do with writing!084723-pink-jelly-icon-business-clock7-sc43

  • I have just over a week left at work and need to tie up, tidy up and get references and paperwork sent.
  • I have unpacking and cleaning and laundry and all the normal things we have but in a box city house – as we have been mainly sitting in the sunny garden, working or sleeping for the past week!
  • I have to clean and mend my apartment to get it on the market. And redecorate/paint 1 room!
  • I have to choose the estate agent and get the apartment SOLD.
  • I have to fill out and find out some new job opportunities.
  • I need to do allotment and garden.
  • Unpack the new abode!

and a ton of other minute things!

black-tablet-pcMy new online writing course starts today which I am looking forward to and hoping this one will be more enjoyable than the Rhetorical Composition II course was. ALTHOUGH I did learn some useful things from that course that have helped me in a couple of real life situations.

And I am still camping at camp nanowrimo –camping-tent-Download-Royalty-free-Vector-File-EPS-2116 the eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed no entry for the 14th – after spending most of the day asleep and the evening in the garden I couldn’t face my manuscript. I MUST PUSH MYSELF – I have come to the hard bit where you have to draw it all together and end it and I haven’t quite decided if the central character dies or not. nano_09_camp_nano_detail_girl2

Best get on with the first TO DO – off to the flat to clean! In this heat! F U N !

to do

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  1. I am thankful for the scorching heat that has driven me inside for the rest of the day. It is forcing me to unpack as well, and pack my youngest up for camp. I have never joined nanorimo camp – is it just for novelists? I need some challenge like that to churn out article ideas to freelance to magazines and newspapers. You list sounds like a lot to tackle for a Monday in July, good luck!

    • I am trying – when I am not in the garden in the sunshine I can only unpack for about 20minutes before melting! Then I have to cool off and start again!
      You should join a challenge like NaNo by the sounds of it.
      I found out about it by blogging. I will write an article about it and post the link back here for you – because a few people ask and I think they miss the information sent out in reply sometimes!
      I did have a hectic Monday but I managed it and some more than I thought – however the next two days are the test – can I work full time and get my apartment ready for sale!

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