Picture It and Write Challenge – Retaliation




He had never been political

Had never fought the system back.

He lived a life beneath the radar

and then

they killed his brother.

His innocent seven old baby brother

who never made it home from school

that day.

Blood for blood

Whatever the reason.

Driven by angst and rage he lit the rag

and threw

The first of many.

There was no number

that would ever bring

his baby brother back.



This week’s entry for pictureitandwrite2copy-12

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    • Thanks for reading it Lily – a tough subject this week – mainly I think because it is real. I don’t know the fictional characters but the reality is so many people have been forced into the characters lives.
      You said it best with 2 little words.
      Heart breaking.

  1. I didn’t want to click ‘like’ because I didn’t like the story – who could. What I did like was your skillful way of telling it in so few words. Well done.

    • Thank you Suzanne – when I saw the image this week I originally shirked away from it – I thought I can’t write about that AND I don’t want to. Later in the day I clicked on the blog again and stared at the image – it is a reality we are all too familiar with – and only a few people had taken up the prompt, and it is my 1st week back on challenges after moving – and all these reasons came tumbling into my mind.
      I am not sure I could have written a story – but poetry is my natural art form. I just let it take me to that place none of us would ever wish upon anybody.
      So believe me I understand not ‘liking’ this entry.

      How are the book sales? Wish you every success!

    • Thanks – I think it is the only way I can tackle a subject like this. There are the brainwashed, the oppressed and the innocents. It is scary writing about something so real. I have always been grateful not being born into war torn countries, I can only imagine…

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