Alastair’s Photo Fiction – Castle in the Sky



16 07 July 14th 2013


Looking at the castle Rebecca could hardly believe just a few hours earlier, her world had changed forever.

It looked different in the daylight, smaller somehow. The magic had gone and in a few short hours the driveway would be open to the public. Eagerly climbing stone steps of the past and murmuring in delight about the view from the turrets.

It was on the top of the hillside near the moat where they picked a spot to sit, his arm wrapped casually across her shoulders. The pale moonlight shining just enough to expose silvery skin. They kissed and delved beneath each others clothing.

Thinking back, Rebecca closed her eyes and saw him again, about what she had seen, then ran from the place where such a spectacular memory was created, down the hillside home. Where she would hide under her covers and pretend she had been there all night.

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  1. Oh, kind of a reverse Cinderella…the ball was beautiful, as well as the memory and then ‘one’ wakes to reality. Leaves one thinking is there a chance to save the romance or was it just a one night stand? Well done!

    (Always check your spam! I hope WP straightens that out soon – if you didn’t get my reply comment notification…that’s where your comment to me ended up, but I ‘saved’ you!)

    • Thanks – I have always checked my spam – in the past I have read the very pleasant messages! Once upon a time they would be the only messages I would get! 😉 I was surprised when reader’s comments starting dropping in there – but seems the happiness engineers have worked their magic! Hooray! I think she might get the grace to save this romance – seems it started in a special place!

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