Camp NaNoWriMo the 13th Day – Lucky?!


In 6 hours I will be on my way to a write in. I really should sleep. Last post.alarm-clock
Just wanted to update my Nano stats before the big write.
imagesCAY08TDAThis past week I have not put enough time aside to write for camp, I could barely keep on top of all that was happening this week as it is, however, IT IS FINE!

  • I know 1 week before camp ends I am off work and can dedicate time to the writing.
  • I only have a 35,000 total (I say this as I managed 54000 in April, that was hard!)
  • I am nearly at the end of the first (LONG) short story!
  • I am finally attending a regional write in – after missing both opportunities in April.



When I actually posted these Stats (yesterday Friday – after a write before work) my deadline was 15th August, I am now behind that again – but hope to manage a few 1000 at the write in meet later! I know I will ultimately end on the 31st July!

Average Words Per Day 1,130

Your Average Per Day 708

Words Written Today 0

Target Word Count 35,000

Total Words Written 9,213

Words Remaining 25,787

Current Day13

Days Remaining 19

At This Rate You Will Finish On August 19, 2013

Words Per Day To Finish On Time 1,358

Night Campers! camp tent

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