Camp NaNoWriMo Day 13 – A New Experience


An exciting thing happened today I ACTUALLY MADE IT to the regional NaNoWriMo Write In! 13006_10151374017814299_822968861_n It was such a scorching day today that it took a while to get ready, so hot and I ended up deciding to take the bus- to save getting lost and also the car park nano1fares in the city are more than a bus fare! Using public transport is something I rarely do nowadays (I spent over 20 years using it!)

I decided I’d treat myself to nearly 2 hours reading… not exactly how it worked out – but the paperback play was a decent (and much needed) fan.

I spent an hour charging all my tech this morning and needn’t have worried as there were powerpoints at the Coffee Lounge.

I also spent sometime last night getting directions and using google street view. I walked there with ease.


We were in the basement of the Coffee Lounge – which was lovely and cool in this weather! 1coffee lounge 6Everyone knew each other and it was a smaller group than Write Ins usually are according to Sue. In the November (main Nano) they have filled the entire level and even had wrimos upstairs!

It didn’t matter that there were only two of us who were new, I joined in the banter & enjoyed the experience. I have some ideas for motivation – just seeking permission from the group to share some NANOWRIMO inspired ideas with you.

An artist paints the latest structural development in the City. artist

I stayed for 3 hours and managed just under 1600  words. I had planned twice this for the day, envisaging I’d have time to write in the evening… but

  • the bus home was late.
  • I had arranged to pick up some household supplies from the supermarket & tea.
  • it was STILL boiling hot.

We still need to fix the wardrobe… by fix I mean build (didn’t pick up the screws until Thursday and we have been working/ putting off such a big job.)

I get to the supermarket and I know which supplies I need – but it is hot and it is summer – and I miss fresh fruit (this week we have eaten food we have in. The only fresh fruit has been home grown strawberries and raspberries) and I fall for the supermarket lay out trick, start with the fruit, past the bakery, then a beeline for soft drinks aisle (heavy basket) then I think about the new things I bought last weekend In the garden cooling off after NaNo Write In  * like this BARGAIN £3 Summer dress and how I now need a pair of shorts (that fit me) so I can wear my legs 😉

  • Supermarket clothing is not expensive,
  • It is taking me over an hour to get ready as I struggle with various bags of clothes – as apart from a few work clothes (less than a capsule wardrobe) hanging off a bed base, the rest of my stuff is in bags all mixed up – I didn’t even get to use wardrobe boxes because they forgot the rails!
  • It’s hot – really hot (not complaining) but you can’t wear the same thing twice or spend ages rummaging through plastic bags!

Our washing machine now works thanks to Mr G & Marcus. (THANK YOU)

  • but I need pegs (you know there is always something you forget? #listless shopping!)

So there I am amongst lovely looking cooling clothing and I pick a few summery things.

Try them on.



four or five times,

an hour goes past.

I do get some shorts and enough summer tops, thin dresses to last me. Hoping now the sunny weather lasts longer than a week!

I pick up tea, and arrive in a heap on the doorstep! Adrenalin got me through the evening but I didn’t have the sort of energy needed to write good fiction! coffee lounge 5

Still long story short (unlike my short story) I managed  to write over 1500 words & broke my wordcount10,000 word count today  in the NaNoWriMo Write In!


Except in July we get a sneaky extra day!

* cooling off in the garden after a hard day of writing, weight lifting & shopping!

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