LOCKED FSF – Five Sentence Fiction


NewFSFBadge-1 I found this challenge a while back and the next week it wasn’t posted, after which I was offline – ready to tell a tale in just 5 sentences. Let’s see…

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“It isn’t this one!” Esme disclaimed as she tried yet another, long, silver key in the lock! They had recently bought a house, very much like Fort Knox with it’s locks and doors, chains and bolts, they had inherited about twelve sets of keys (it had been a rental). The first thing they did was change the locks, especially after having all the workmen in on key loans. But now they were flummoxed as they stared through the window at the beautiful summer house which didn’t open with any of the sets of jangling keys.

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  1. Been there, done that! Well, not with an ancient house. I lost the key to my son’s townhouse, and he hadn’t taken his key along because he was going to a wedding and didn’t want to have bulky things in his pocket. I had to call a locksmith, to the tune of $100. It was horrible.

    • Thanks – I keep finding that I write snippets or flashes for the challenges and people suggest they could become more or sometimes I think that myself. You got a lot from these few sentences. Thanks for the read.

    • Yes, that is often the case isn’t it – try the whole ring – nothing fits – It HAS to be one of these keys! Then you find it! Wouldn’t have fitted the prompt if they had made it in though 😉

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