Friday Fictioneers – All Things Go.


I am SO HAPPY to reunite with all you FF participants and this week’s prompt is no let down for my first flash in a while!

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Copyright – Randy Mazie

Even the dead could not escape the roaming goats capturing the peaceful serenity as they calmly chewed the grass between browned, burnt plots.

Then there was Charlie, he knew only too well ‘The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away’ the truth for him. He’d lost his home after  he lost Adelia, as if a broken heart wasn’t enough loss, he had gradually become incapable of self preservation. Eventually he stopped opening post, or making payments and he lost their home. Homeless he blamed his idleness for everything. Including his latest loss. Sadly, he could only hear the goats now.

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    • Thanks Bjorn, I struggled a bit as I was watching the WP word count and then I realised my 1st edition was only 58 words! The joy! It gave me space to weave.

      Just glad to be back online in time for this week’s challenge!

    • I think a lot of it comes from a broken heart and mourning – but elderly couples who have been together forever lose their symbiotic existence and for many that’s the only way they know how to live.
      Glad you enjoyed the read.

  1. I can’t imagine getting it down in 58 words. Well done, liked this. I’m commenting even though I know this will probably go straight to your spam box, as yours did on mine. I hope WordPress get this sorted soon. Thanks for commenting on mine.

    • Sandra you, Alastair & Carol all ended in my spam – you poor things what a glitch!
      I will reply to everyone after I have slept some more. Glad I retrieved you all!
      It’s not nice amongst web traffic and SEO mentions and fake compliments (which are such nice messages) is it!

    • Thanks Patrick, like most of my Friday Fictioneers flashes the ideas evolved as the story grew.
      It is sad.
      I think there is an air of sadness to Randy’s photo and wanted my writing to reflect this.

    • Thanks Rochelle – that is high praise indeed. The photo captured the desolation for me, that’s where the writing was born. Glad it worked for you. I was worried about a lack of plot – but feel the flash needed the silence.

    • I did imagine he was blind, that he came to lose his sight on top of everything else. It also a metaphor – the loss of his love and then the loss of a sense, his sense of the world. Unable to see. Blinded and numbed by his loss.
      Thanks for the read.

    • Awwww putting that thought in your head – no wonder you felt the sadness. Unfortunately it is inevitable – we can only hope that it is painless and after a long life.
      The photograph had sadness in it – I wrote from that.

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