Early Morning Camping


Up early this morning to make up for the 12 hour sleep plus 2 hours powernap after work that was yesterdays story of exhaustion!

Breakfast2 Armed with a breakfast of yogurt bar and allotment fresh raspberries (I really should buy some cereal) I sat down in Camp. I caught up in the Cabin and found I am not alone in my 2nd week struggle for words. I read 2 inspiring motivational emails sent by the camp leaders. And I THOUGHT about my short story. camping-tent-grass-15269945 I would fire the other laptop up and start but I have to be out the house in 20 minutes to go and meet an estate agent at my apartment. I feel a bit like a Pageant Mum must feel, showing someone my beloved pad. I really need to clean it up first but the appointment is an early enough challenge. It’s an agent not a buyer.

Still my early morning stroll around Camp has inspired me – I am now hoping for some time between appointment and work to write! camp

I wrote over 1000 words last night – unfortunately it didn’t count towards my statistics (I had been estimating some word count updates and I was 1016 words over reality! Oppps!)


Right off to get a deal on my pad.


And think about my characters on the drive over!


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    • I totally agree… it is often the better way of working – my phone is full of recorded ideas. I love the funny looks you get sometimes. 😉
      I hadn’t really planned the story out before Camp started so it has helped having a little time away from the pressure of the page.
      I wouldn’t have minded getting home before 8pm though! Busy day!

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