With Every Packed Box there comes the Unpacking!

© Leo Norrie 2013

© Leo Norrie 2013

Apparently it is hotter than Hawaii! Which is lovely but not conducive to unpacking houses! I have managed washing up (we have a dishwasher but I need to buy tablets and work out how to use it!) and some cleaning in the kitchen. I then plan a break to cool down before a new job and so on. DCF 1.0

If it wasn’t the hottest part of the day I would be in the garden.

We have to go and work on the allotment later – we are leaving it until after tea, if yesterday was

© A.Cooke 2013

© A.Cooke 2013

anything to go by it will still be scorching. I also have paperwork  to complete for work tomorrow.

All this and my Nano writing I am not sure I will have much time to blog. I have looked down the reader and found some exciting posts that will still be there tomorrow. I will re-launch myself into the land of blogging and challenges tomorrow – after 10days offline! (How have I survived!)


Looking forward to returning to virtual normality!

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    • Thanks my friend Leo is an awesome photographer and she has given me permission to use them on my blog. I am trying to use my own photography as even copyright free can be an issue. I am slightly worried about people reusing them though. I hope to take more of the allotment jungle… Off to water up there in an hour!
      PS for feedstock search creative commons images to be on the safe side!

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