Day 7 Camp NaNoWriMo and the Words Just Keep Coming


tumblr_m2ybgpXFVg1qcenph Here are some of my statistics – end of the first week at camp.


Average Words Per Day 1,130
Your Average Per Day 975
Words Written Today 1,000
Target Word Count 35,000
Total Words Written 6,827
Words Remaining 28,173
Current Day 7
Days Remaining 25
At This Rate You Will Finish On August 5, 2013
Words Per Day To Finish On Time 1,127

I will get there – playing Catch up in Camp at the moment – still loving it. Still on my first short story, I think that it will be even easier this time around working on several projects.

AND my Cabin is ACTIVE! Yeah!


Happy Camping

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    • Thanks for the encouragement – I enjoyed my first attempt at camp in April 2013.
      I won that – smashing my 50,000 word target by over 4000 words.
      This time my word count was set lower as I factored in life in July and it is all change!
      I will get there, I am making sure I write daily whether I reach my personal word count goal each day is immaterial.
      I know I will get there by or before 31st July.
      But collecting personal cheerleaders along the way is never a bad thing!
      Thanks for the motivation!

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