Nano No No Day 4 of Camp


I am still enjoying the virtual writing retreat and my story is building itself nicely. The writing process is sparadic so fixing an edit will be like one giant floor puzzle that I stand too close to see but that is not my concern this July.

Tonight with the post work schedule and popping over to check space issues at the new pad I am up to my eyeballs… And low on energy.
Nano is not my priority for the next 24/48 hours!

I managed 1000 words tonight. That’s close to 6000 which is just over the 5200 ish target. However, I know that there will be no write tomorrow. After the dance of the boxes and the sweat and tea of the removal men, Mr G and I plan a relax in our Garden 😀

The strawberries are nearly ready the first crop was picked and greedily consumed tonight.

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