Horror/ Vamp writers PLEASE HELP


Need to check a few references for current nano short story.
To obtain a new member they have to drink vampire blood? Rather than be bitten?
Other than stakes, crucifixes, garlic, holy water and sunlight is there anything that can repel a vampire?
Does the head vampire have a special title?
Do they eat anything or just drink blood?

Thanks… I guess I should have spent less time behind the cushion!

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  1. I have been writing a vampire story on my blog. He created a vampire last week by almost draining her and then cutting his arm forcing her to drink blood.

    Garlic, crosses, holy water, sometimes running water, sunlight, ultraviolet lamps as they mimic sunlight to a lesser extent, so they will burn slowly. Decapitation.

    Head vampire may be called the Alpha. When a vampire creates another, he “sires” it.

    As they don’t have any bodily functions, they can’t digest anything, the blood is to keep their own blood topped up.

    Hope that helps and good luck

    • Thanks so much Alastair. I was aware of your story serial and until my end of June = offline life was a reader. Will be back once move is sorted. Look forward to attempting a catch up with everyone. Of course around a busy writing schedule… I may have to chalk the last 2 weeks down as lost!

      Your advice is helpful thanks… I didn’t want any mistakes creeping in. I spotted a glaring few and I’m only half way in.

      • Yeah I am clinging onto hope 😉 fully committed (take your pick) Wrimo having managed 54000+ words back in April camp. I am hungry to explore what happens when you expand a 100 word flash into a short. My ending has completely changed and I have created extra characters.Of course NaNo is all about the write not the edit… So much will live on the cutting room floor.
        Speaking of which what do you think the vampires do with the dead bodies? Sell them to zombies, bribe werewolves with them? Make strawberry jam?? No idea 😦

  2. I asked my resident expert vampire writer – her answer as follows; yes, a new vampire must be fed blood by a vampire, killed, then rejuvenated. Silver nitrate burns a vampire’s skin. The head vampire is called ‘Founder’. They only drink blood.

    • Thanks for taking so much trouble to research the information … I keep reading your post as you asking your resident vampire … (Of course the sun at camp nanowrimo has given me slightly less screen focus!)
      I plan to weave the expertise into my first attempt at the genre. Fingers crossed.

  3. They have to be bitten to turned into a Vampire without is done rarely. Vampires are called a lot of things but not Alphas (thats for werewolves). There is no leader of a vampire clan or coven. Vampire don’t like be organized in groups. But I guess the oldest vampire “alive” can be called something and be recognized that he hasn’t been killed yet.

      • Thanks for the advice… I do have them living as a group, perhaps I should re-think that … I wondered about the meat, had a scene including a steak – blue of course, however what has been said about the digestive system makes me question that too.

      • yeah their digestive system isn’t like humans and they don’t eat meat like we do. they mostly suck on it for the liquids and stuff.

  4. I might change the scene so he is called away and doesn’t eat. I am trying to introduce the main character to him in a way she won’t suspect he is a vampire.

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