The Importance of Active Writing!


The problem used to be you didn’t have time to write… you changed that and decided to become a writer, a serious one who actually writes and finishes projects. So what’s taking so long?

It can be extremely difficult to focus your mind on WRITING but it is important if you are to get the most out of your squeezed in writing slots.

I feel fairly focussed, considering it is shortly after 5:30 a.m. But then I wrote a list of all the non-writing activity I have catered for in the last 45 minutes.

1) Made coffee (to be fair the laptop was firing up)
2) Drank polar cup of coffee
3) Ate breakfast
4) Looked at photos (finding blog/ camp photos)
5) Cleared my desktop (PC)

I estimate that’s about half an hour, I have done 15 minutes writing and more faffing around. Repeat daily, that’s 3 ½ hrs of writing GONE! 14 hrs a month! That’s several days or for most part-time writers several weeks of writing time.

I don’t feel like I have avoided writing today, and there you have it I did!
What does your list look like?
Go on, write it out – you will surprise yourself and see how you can get that novel written sooner. And how you can lose time even if your laptop is disconnected from the Internet.

Off to check action plan writing schedule now to see what I can do!

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