NaNoWriMo 2 days to Go!


Are you packed? Did you get in line for bug spray? Have you assigned to a cabin?
Have you sketched out some ideas? Is your memory empty enough to save your next 50,000 words?

NaNo Summer Camp opens in just 2 days!
I have sketched out the list of writing that I will be doing, some of it is developing writing that already has an initial paragraph, although I had planned to plan the rest of the story before camp I am (due to a packing/ moving house schedule) going in as organically as I can and the writing will (hopefully) evolve in camp.

It isn’t quite going in stone cold but it’s pretty close.

I had hoped to start Nano in my summer house… but looks like it is going to involve several destinations.

Now is the time to make your NaNo promises to yourself.
Here are mine;

  • I will write daily,
  • I will not worry about falling behind word count
  • I will schedule some time in the last weekend / days of camp to catch up and achieve my word count goal
  • I will have fun and enjoy it
  • I will share my experience with others
  • I will produce 2-3 pieces ready to polish and publish
  • I will cater for NaNo camp in the rest of my July writing schedule
  • I will keep my camp promises

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  1. I am in my first year of blogging too.
    NaNoWriMo – is a virtual online writing retreat (for people like me who can’t afford a real retreat!)
    You are encouraged to write every day for a month and not edit the work. Just write with abandon to produce the word count. I did the camp in April and wrote 54,000 (target 50,000) words for my non-fiction manuscript (now half written).

    This camp (due to how I felt with the mammoth write and the fact that work is busy, I am moving house etc) I have chosen a smaller count (a new feature as you used to have only 50,000 words) of 35000 and 3 projects – 2 shorts and a novella – or most of it!

    I will blog throughout the month about the camp process and my stats, mainly to keep myself in tow but also to encourage others. If you have lots of writing blogs you follow you may find a lot on screen suddenly about Camp NaNo.

    It’s for all writers – the main event happens in November for National Novel Writing Month.

    It is something based and started in USA but 100’s of countries participate and there are events organised in different regions in real time. Meet and write with other writers.

    As I was moving and packing this June, it gives me the opportunity to catch up with the writing schedule!

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