Awake Before the Early Worms


Gone are the days where waking up hours before the alarm caused frustration…
4:15 a.m – ‘Oh it’s 4:15 I can get some writing done as well as packing boxes before work!’
The thoughts of a madwoman maybe, but here I am – Polar cup in hand bashing away on the keys, this is what I was doing everyday and what I haven’t managed this month due to a packing schedule. All that is about to change (NaNoWriMo Camp) and the fact that I no longer have a telly (see previous post) is going to help pack quicker so naturally my writing schedule will be realised once again.
We may not have the internet working at home so that will also help me complete the offline writing work!

The problem with writing blog posts this early is my brain is still dozing and I struggle to keep thoughts in place.
It has been really hard not being able to access Blogland and I am enjoying the thought of returning to normal service as much as I am looking forward to moving into the new house!

I have still kept up a daily write (& not just the frantically scribbled list of ‘I need a PA’ errands to be completed alongside packing & working!
Sadly it was the last writing class this week, & I actually drove the right way into the city – saving half an hour of driving & petrol, over the course that;s 3hours of driving I needn’t have done! No wonder my car has needed filling up weekly!
The whole class went to the pub and had a great last parting company, I was okay until 4 people all left at the same time, I got a bit emotional then!
It was 11pm when I got in, pumped with adrenalin and had lots to instantly blog. (Oh for the 24/7 line connection! Whoop, whoop!) May be I should write a book about life in the 21st century and no service for people working in the world of tech. There is a frustrated character somewhere in there…

I am sure I will create some more blog posts about this great group of writers and our next adventures.

Off to check how far behind the June schedule has slipped. My online writing course finishes this week and I can’t access it. They extended the deadline of the last assignment (I submitted on time) here’s hoping!

Happy Writing

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