Queen of Packaging


I don’t know exactly when I became too old to be a Princess!

I will mostly be offline this weekend as I have 48hrs to pack as much of my pad up as I can before the working week starts again.
I hope to move next week.
I have a removal company giving me a quote this morning. And so far I have spent 80% of my monthly wages on an empty house!

Bigger picture, bigger picture, bigger picture …

We have wanted to do this for years and now we finally can!


Have a great weekend & if you’re not, think of me packing & you will then enjoy!

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  1. Thanks. I have to focus on the end result. The removal man was amazed at the volume of stuff… In the past they have made me feel better … I’m not taking it all.
    12 Boxes down today that’s a total of 18! And no one room is done! This is when my occupation and passion let me down. 3 Boxes of writing and another 2 resources, books, research… Considering a lot of the past decade is saved electronically I am amazed… And I can’t even disclose how many boxes of books I have got. Eek.

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