Friday Fictioneers – The Guard

I have managed to get online this morning for a quick catch up in Blogland before the rest of the weekend (which I will spend packing boxes!)
This is my entry for Friday Fictioneers this week.

copyright -Managua Gunn

copyright -Managua Gunn

“How funny, in a modern world we cling onto traditions.” laughed Julia.

“I think it’s nice that loads of countries still dress their guards in uniform.”

“Katherine! You and uniforms!”

“Come on let’s see if we can make him smile!” giggled Katherine.

“Kat, he’s got a gun!” Julia retorted.

“Are you sure? I think he’s pleased to see us!”

Julia loved travelling with Katherine. To think one month ago she was about to give Paul his world wide travel dream. This experience made the split bearable. She couldn’t wait to see Kat’s face when they got closer to the guard!

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    • Now there’s a brilliant twist idea – my mind is not as fast as yours – I was thinking that she might be shocked to see it was a female guard after all the uniform jokes… but I like yours better….
      Ahem… – Of course Rochelle, you guessed it! 😉

  1. Oh, I thought the same as Rochelle…She split with her guy because she didn’t want to be a soilders’ wife…or that he was just ummm…a stuffed shirt without a spine? So many possiblities as to the split. Maybe she didn’t want to be the one ironing the uniforms!

    But those poor guards – I’ve always wondered how long their shifts were.

    Nicely done.

    • Thanks, it does make sense. I actually changed the ending once I realised it was a woman. But still even when it was a man, it hadn’t been Paul and I think it might be. Missed a trick there… Glad you saw it.

  2. mmm there really is something about men in ^^ it’s a wonderful thing to have friends that help make breakups easier. enjoyed your story 🙂

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