Brioche Rolls and Stories (A note about my absense)


stock-illustration-13135479-hand-drawn-breakfast-icons I have enjoyed breakfast and reading the entries for this week’s Picture It & Write. I have to do my paperwork this morning but hope I have time to complete 1 last prompt challenge activity.

I HAVE to pack my house up as Mr G and I will be moving soon. cardboard-boxI have made WRITING my number 1 goal all year and up until now managed to write everyday!

I have to work on a manuscript this week for the Picture Book Class (Weds.) so I may still manage a daily write, but apart from that I am putting down the laptop and getting out the bubble wrap! Normal service will resume shortly, I am sure. I will pop into Blogland on my phone and reply to any messages you leave but am not planning to create many new posts until next weekend.

old There are whole treasures to be found earlier on along the Yellow Brick Road though, I am going to leave some links to posts of interest here to keep you splashing in the waters of the Fountain. water

Until then Happy Writing & Reading and enjoy your week!




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