Picture It & Write – On the Market


Sunday evening and time to take a break from the paperwork to join in with this week’s Picture it & Write.



On the Market

My expectations of you

Were fulfilled.

From that very first moment

I loved you,

at first sight,

the way you looked was perfect for me.

Within two weeks I had changed my life.

Two weeks later my life changed again.

It forced you and I apart.

Half a decade or more passes.

This time the journey is made by two

Discovered by two

Chosen by two.

A new you

With different floors and lots to do.

It is time to say goodbye to my ready made


You will always be my first.

And I will always remember you.




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  1. Oh, this is unexpectedly different. I read it as being about falling in love with your first flat and then later your first home, but then the comments confused me a little. Refreshing and sweet, regardless, Neens.

    • Spot on. The floor in the photo is the same as the one in my flat it was the 1st thing I loved. Now we have the house. I met Mr G just a fortnight after I bought my flat. That’s the other love.

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