TGI’s Friday!


weekend-vector-102765And there is finally time… time to sit, time to relax and time to write!

I have worked extra time this week and I know it. Tired to the bone. I had planned to sort things at the new house and then go back home, Mr G’s plans changed and I have stayed, with internet access, a settee and the glories of a Friday evening.

I am celebrating by reading some great Flash Fiction from Friday Fictioneers. I will be able to do my FWF challenge and spend some time on my reader. As well as emptying my inbox and getting on top of the admin pile! And what’s more I have already had a wonderful day at The Three Counties Show! It’s nice to feel tired and fulfilled. So much greater than tired and grumpy.

cardboard-boxOf course my change of plans this evening mean that I have double boxes to pack tomorrow. I had planned to attend a regional Nano writers meeting before camp starts in a fortnight, I may still get to pop in, but it is a bit of a trek from mine NaNoLand_detailand we are hoping to attend a book launch and poetry picnic on Sunday already -hoping for slightly better weather than earlier – it rained on us a bit at the show. (I’m so tired I just typed shoe!)

It has been a busy week, mainly working … I have barely had time to file my nails! A Doctor’s appointment on Tuesday night revealed than the agonising pains I have suffered in my back, hip, knee and ankle for the past 3 weeks is actually Sciatica – which I consider myself far too young to suffer. I have got painkillers and am hoping some reflexology might ease it a bit! On a brighter note, I had been very ill last year and am having regular (fortnightly, monthly, bi-monthly) consultations. I don’t need another until the Autumn. (Quarterly!) That’s a break through – a personal GOLD to celebrate! I’d jump for joy (but my back wouldn’t thank me!)

I also had to submit my assignment yesterday – funny how the world is sometimes – I had been researching self-publishing for 2 weeks and as with most research have bags more than I used in the final piece. And then my writing magazine had pages all about self publishing including award winners and services. I am trying to get a collection of poetry ready this year for publication and might consider looking into this area a little more. Quotes-On-The-Craft-of-Writing-bilo-gde

I had a thought in my writing class on Wednesday, a question, a dent in the unbelievable self belief all writers need to adopt. I am a writer, yes. My early career was as a poet. Maybe this year – which is my write year, should be more focussed on what I am, who I am as a poet and maybe I can branch out from there. So far I have worked hard with a focus on retraining (necessary), and reading (vital) and writing across many genres. (Real life, short stories, poetry, a non-fiction book, performance works and children’s books!)

typewriterI have already made lots of submissions, 2 book proposals and one attempt at getting my poetry picked up. I completed April’s Camp NaNoWriMo and added over 54,000 words to my non-fiction manuscript. I have read countless articles and e-books on writing and my creative spirit feels toned and alive. I have received 3 rejections and 1 publication (poetry) I have thoroughly enjoyed my initial exploration into the life I should have always led… but I wonder

why scribble when you can paint?

It is a question I will keep in mind this month (and probably the next, why not the entire Summer?) I am signed up and committed to completing the summer camp over at Camp Nano and will finish my two short story projects and possibly my novella. (Glad they let rebels in!) After that who knows – maybe I will shelve a lot of multi-faceted projects and concentrate on one genre at a time… will that be too constrictive?

Who knows… most freelancers work on many projects at the same time across genres.

How do you manage your desk-load?


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