Friday Fictioneers – Forgotten Circus Acts


Copyright -John Nixon

Copyright –John Nixon

At the bottom of the tower, in a vast, dusty room lived the forgotten circus acts. Everyday they’d hope to be called. They never were.

Keeping each other entertained was challenging! The giant, clockwork mouse would sit frozen beneath the window, until the clown wound him up with his big key… or bad jokes!

Someone had dumped a piano in with them, Harrods had to get rid of them apparently, this one was saved by the Ringmaster.

The clown stood over the keys, he wanted to play but… the piano had other ideas.

“Encore, Encore!” Mouse cried without thinking!


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    • Not at all – thanks for the edit note. I was so tired when I wrote this, I struggled on trying to find 2 extra words in my 3rd edit to make it to 100 – wish I’d mentioned the stage lights! I have yet to read the others as I have just got in. Glad you enjoyed the read and oooohhhh (the noise of delight) at using some shadow that others didn’t.

    • Yeah I don’t think the clown is happy at all, poor chap! Maybe the world inside the piano works out okay for him… I got the key idea way before the rest of them! Funny how that happens… because my instant reaction was panic (over the clown legs hanging out of a piano) so I searched the photo for something else and spotted the shadows!

    • Thanks Janet – glad to be different 😉 just like the clown’s golfing outfit! I think a club member may have thrown him through the piano to be fair!

    • Not aware of Valley of the Lost Toys either. I had a subverted Toy Story in my head… Dark like the neighbour boy (is it Todd?) who remakes toys using bits from each toy.

      • Well, that works!! It’s kind of like that. I think what I’m really thinking of is called “The Land of Misfit Toys.” Rudolf fits in there because of his red nose. Does that ring a bell?

    • No, I really haven’t seen it. Helena mentioned it earlier ^ but I’m glad readers have these tangible hooks to make my story easier to see/imagine. The photo with it’s giant shadows reminded me of toys. The possibility of a clown or a golfer in a piano can become a reality. It came from there. Was free written so I had no real idea where it was going.

      • I just think it’s comical to remember these other scenes. And, personally, I think they were brilliant! So, brilliant for you to come up with this, even more so, since you haven’t seen them. Really well done!

  1. This struck me as sad at first, with all those forgotten circus acts gathering dust — and then I had to laugh with your line about the “piano had other ideas”! Watch out for those pianos!

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