The Wonderful World of Publishing: Rhetorical Composition II


My next activity/ assignment – just made the deadline!


Activity 7:1

Step One – Revised Statement

“I’m interested in” Statement:

As a writer, I’m interested in creating a blog post, intended to persuade an audience of writers to consider the self-publishing route in light of e-publishing and technical advances. Self-publishing used to be looked down on by ‘real writers’, nowadays there is still a stigma attached to self-publishing but depending on your writing goals it could be a successful route and be quicker and more financially rewarding than the traditional publishing route. This article will also inform the readers of details about the world of publishing.

It is intended to help writers who have reached the pitching stage and are considering  which route to take. My article will help them in this process by informing them with the how’s and why’s and what’s of publishing and summarising the choices they have.

Step Two –  Creating a Research Plan

Writers and Publishers are part of the larger conversation into which the marketing of Self-Publishing fits. The larger conversation is about the content of the writing and ensuring that is of a publishable standard. Ultimately it is connected to the choice of the writer which route into publishing is pursued. I contribute to the conversation by summarising courses of actions and providing the ‘How to’ model for both publishing routes. Informing the writer of their choices.

Some of the individuals and organisations include;


Self Publishing Books – The Guardian (Article)

Self-Publishing ebook sales up by 20 %

Digitally savvy authors

Self Publishing revolution

Table of Self – Published books later picked up by publishers. Cite: Wikipedia

Conference notes from Self Publishing conference


Angst Victoria Sawyer

Gail Kavanagh (Thank you Suzanne)



I want to inform my audience about the benefits of considering self-publishing as a route to marketing their writing. Ultimately my goal would be to inform and support a writers decision to pursue this market and then find that they had successfully produced and marketed a book. That this article was the tipping point that motivated and persuaded them to pursue this track. Buying into the idea that there is another solution to getting published and it is one that counts in the 21st Century!


I’ve decided to create an informative blog post on my personal writing blog, A Writers Fountain. This medium allows me distribution beyond my primary audience (as I have readers that are not writers but who may know some writers.) this which might leverage commentary by or support from the larger community. I see the site as an opportunity to employ more visual arguments as well as links to additional source materials. I can summarize the findings and experiences of other writers and link to it for readers who might want to know more.


I will use a range of rhetorical appeals there will be some Logos included in statistical data which acts like proof to reinforce arguments and opinions.

I will use Ethos in relation to citing sources from authors who have actually self-published, people who talk from first hand experience.

Kairos connects to the persuasive text in a way I will explore in the next section ‘Recency’ in this ever changing society, the role of publishing and books in our lives. How we access information in 2013.


I think recency in my sources and their the data is important. I will be citing from articles and authors who have self published or written about it within the last year 2012- 2013. The world of publishing and writers markets changes as swiftly as the fashions on the High Street (well that’s a slight exaggeration, it can feel this way sometimes.) My argument is intended to appeal to authors who have work ready to submit however, it may persuade some writers who are still working on a project. This is another reason I feel my research has to be up to date and as recent as possible. It could be another year before these writers take on their publishing challenges. The information needs to be relevant and useful. 084723-pink-jelly-icon-business-clock7-sc43


I suspect I will mostly be using evidence as to back up the positive impact of self publishing. Data and opinions will be cited to support my argument.


I think the statistics and primary accounts from authors who have successfully self published will be of relevance and interest to my audience, as will the changes in publishing. I have to be sure to acknowledge (and not dismiss) the concerns the audience may have with regards to what was known as (in the olden days) as ‘Vanity Press’.


I’m really aligned with finding out more about the new world of publishing and the global acceptance of self publishing, as a niche writer it is a market that may suit my work well. I am not arguing against traditional publishing (the route I have personally taken) instead I am arguing for an informed decision. Every author has the right to make their own publishing decisions. I am merely informing them in a pro-active manner about the benefits of choosing the self-publishing route, where at the same time I will attempt to dispel the myth and snobbery surrounding it.


I am keeping my research as local as possible by researching UK markets, although by its very nature e-publishing has a global audience. I will have to adapt and even adjust to some degree the evidence I’m using. To maintain both the integrity of the evidence (my source) and my claim and argument I will only use successful examples of self-publishing.

The writers in my audience are already aware that the world of publishing and writing successful (or best) sellers is a hard nut to crack whether they choose to go it alone or attempt to be picked up by a publishing house and that neither of these markets guarantees success. The success comes from their hard work, passion and marketing!


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  1. Hi, I’m in the process of e-publishing my novel this week so this stuff is on my mind. Yesterday I got stuck on cover design. Gail Kavanagh gave me links to sites that helped. Do you want the links?
    Here’s another link to an article on self publishing that I found helpful
    Here’s a link to an article that critiques self publishing
    It’s a mind boggling field when you start to explore how to actually go about self publishing (and more importantly – self promoting). Kellie Elmore of FFW has written blog posts on the self promoting aspect as she is heavily involved in that for her latest book. You can ‘like’ on Facebook and keep up with her posts on the subject.
    Good luck with your assignment. – Suzanne

    • Thanks for all these great links Suzanne, I am already a big fan of kellie’s blog and am inspired by her drive and achievements. I am running close to the bone of this assignment (which I think only has to be 1000 words) I am currently on the offline laptop attempting to complete my first draft. However, as with all things in life happening for a reason I have been quite turned around in my opinions of the self publishing process and as I am currently attempting (through traditional) publishing methods to market & sell my 1st poetry collection … I am sure these links and tips will help me and other readers of this blog in the future.
      Good luck with your novel. I remember the day you finished and submitted your last project.

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