Looking for Volunteer Writers for a Charitable Project


I am sure there are many of you willing to volunteer a piece of writing to help this good cause.

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A few months back, I wrote a post about a charitable endeavor I was thinking of embarking on.  It continues to percolate.

Briefly summarized, I’m looking to help raise funds to help a local family — a single mother with five kids, two of whom she adopted out of the foster care system.  She continues to assist foster children, most recently taking in to crisis nursery babies for a few months.  Why raise money for them?  They live in one of the worst neighborhoods in the metropolitan area and she’d like to move to a better neighborhood.  There are plenty of other needs the family has.

I’m in the process of setting up a charitable trust for the family.  We’ll be trying to find different ways to get donations from people to help the family.  A fellow blogger/writer (and friend) brought the family to my attention and we have kicked…

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  1. Greate idea, Nina. Charity, like many things, works best on the personal level. Big charities are bureaucracies and have all the inefficiencies and other weaknesses of bureaucracies. Person to person is the best approach. All the best! Ken

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