How do Freelance Writers Cope with Summer?


How do Freelance Writers Cope with Summer?

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This is a serious question that I would appreciate your thoughts and responses to.

After the long, cold winter – which has lasted well into May! We have finally had some beautiful Summer Sunshine!
Mr G and I have been out in it most of the weekend – working in the allotment on Saturday and then the garden at the new house today.

I took the laptop to do my work on but forgot we won’ have internet access until we move in!
Now I am busy completing paperwork for this week – 4 hours and counting – still got about an hour or so to do.

Things I needed to accomplish that have gone by the wayside because I have been outside minus tech in the freedom of green spaces;

  1. start on the next writing submission *(due next week)
  2. research rhetorical communication assignment
  3. start writing assignment
  4. admin – emails
  5. prepare Nano
  6. Blog posts

and what I managed to achieve;

  1. evaluation forms x 3 theatre workshops
  2. some blog posts
  3. signing up for Nano Summer camp
  4. thinking of writing ideas without writing them down!

So I CLEARLY need your help!

I guess the most obvious option is to wake early and get the writing in before the rest of the day starts – then again come dusk and dark attach myself to the laptop.
In the end I will work in the summerhouse as planned – but I stupidly forgot to ask the electrician about that – as the job was nearly as much as I spent buying my car six years ago (2nd hand) … I am praying to the universe that he will take pity on us, come back and hook it up for free.

Please leave me your Tips…. this is my 1st summer freelancing for over decade and I can tell it is going to be a tough one!
The Summer schedule is more packed than any of the Spring Sheets and it is exceptionally busy at work too. Double the workload this weekend!

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