3 Week Countdown to CAMP NaNoWriMo # July



The cabins are open by the way! All Spring cleaned since May.

I joined up for one this weekend, despite promising myself I wouldn’t, my last Cabin experience (which was also my first) was terrible. Only myself and 1 other writer were vaguely accurate. I found out that people can add into cabins at a later stage and was very tempted to do that this time.

However, when I saw the message about clean cabins, I couldn’t resist. I will not feel guilty if it is it not active I will leave the cabin and find another and if you want the FULL camp experience I suggest you put on a thick skin and do the same.

camp_nanowrimo_2013_calendar_by_somesortofwonderful-d5z9ze1 Book your Place

If you are planning to come to Summer Camp – in July check out the website now and sign up for your cabin! www.campnanowrimo.org Cabins are now bigger and you can have up to 8 people on them!

Don’t forget to fill in the details of your proposed book – I have fixed genre and word count to my profile. And then plan.

And don’t forget to check your camp mail!


I am starting to plan my writing this week, my original idea was to write a novella, I currently have 2 short story projects that I am trying to complete so I may cheat and do those first and use that towards the word count – (rebels and flexible word counts are now allowed!)

I do intend to write an entire novella by the end of July, I have the last week off work and will be able to put lots of writing time in by then. I hope to have moved house in June.

So if I can plan all that …. come on, you can plan some writing activity too! Challenge yourself and ENJOY it!

Get active

The Forums are open already and fairly active – if you are in the States there are lots of things you can take advantage of. If you’re not have a look about, you may find a regional group (like I did back in April) they are having there 1st meeting this Saturday and I am intending on being there! Although I SHOULD start packing!camp tent

Prepare a checklist for packing

  • A place to write
  • A book of notes
  • Scheduled time to write
  • Planning the writing

I am very lucky and have a friend from A Writers Fountain website of old, who creates graphic art pieces and I have her latest scrapbooking ‘camping’ kit to show off in this blog next month on my Summer Camp posts!



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