Preparing for Summer Camp. Camp NaNoWriMo July 2013 Part 1


The first of many Post Camp Nanowrimo Articles.
Back in April the first NaNoWriMo Camp ran, many of us are signing up for the next Summer Camp in July.
This month part of my writing schedule time is devoted to preparing for camp.

Tips on Surviving Camp – The Lessons I learnt camp_nano_promo_13

Lessons I learnt from NaNoWriMo (Being a first timer!)

If you have just finished camping you are possibly walking around in a euphoric state of bliss and manically pumped with adrenalin, if you camped and were beaten by the words, you may be feeling quite the opposite. Whether you camped or not this TIPS LIST is worth the read.

Read it if you camped, read it if you didn’t, read it if you are curious! I link to another article at the end with more detail and if this wets your appetite I suggest you keep a careful eye out for my Post NaNo posts as they will help prepare you for the Summer Camp!
Hope to see you there, happy writing!


Lessons I learnt from NaNoWriMo (Being a first timer!)

· It is tough
· It really is like a marathon
· You may get muddy
· Cabins are pot luck and don’t worry about booking early
· The forum can be a very useful place
· There are regional groups, if you are an international camper this may be particularly useful
· You may be lucky enough to meet your wonderful regional writers
(I missed both opportunities this Camp, but maybe in the next Nano… Just 3 months away are you already counting?!)

· Go in with an idea at least images
· Don’t bother with the bug spray – you’re going to get bitten, it’s part of Camp, embrace it and the same too about the dreaded Writer’s Block.
· Nano Campers play word wars to overcome such things (I have no idea- enlighten me)

· Throughout the month people (including myself once) have met in chat-rooms to discuss their work and take a break during the Nanothon. There is a designated day (8hrs) it was 6pm – 2am GMT where we all write, the Nanothon.
· You can raise money by getting sponsored.
· I will definitely try this next time especially as I have now run it and think actually training for a 10K Charity run would be easier!

· There is a nifty Camp Store I really wanted a t-shirt, a mug and the journal, maybe next camp I will pack some dollars! camping-tent-grass-15269945
· If you are racing to win the whole 50,000 word count all other writing projects may go out of the window.
· If you can still find the off Nano switch on your head, getting into a different writing project or even some blog surfing can bring you back to the desk (or in my case the bed) with fresher ideas.

· If you are a first timer and you have never written anything longer than short stories or scripts, you may want to walk the 1st time and opt for less than 50K!
· I already plan to sign up for the summer camp – I will only attempt 30K and already have a project in mind. Depending on how busy November’s writing schedule is I may attempt 50K again.
· You need some ideas on what to write 1st don’t jump in stone cold


· Try to write everyday – even if it 100 words on the page of a magazine, as soon as you lose the days the words to go will overwhelm you _LINK which is how I started a week in and 8 days behind
· Don’t expect to always be ahead (I DID) also don’t worry if you fall behind! Worry just steals your writing energy.

· Nobody can do it for you.
· Just keep going (has this been said already?!)
· Wear comfortable shoes
· Don’t sit for too long
· If you’re numb you need to get outta camp = go for a walk in nature and be inspired.

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  1. Fabulous wrap-up on Camp NaNo! I sent in an idea for a way to include those of us who would like to dedicate the month to editing instead of only writing… we’ll see!

    • That’s a fab idea – if not start one of your own & run it from your blog.
      Camp EdiMo – I am sure it will catch on, there are plenty of writers who want to use July to edit!

      I will help you if you decide to run an editing camp – or we could set up a new blog for it together!

    • That’s a great idea Rebecca! And camps worth it just to window shop in the Camp Store!
      I know a writer who ordered the Write a Novel book & loved it!
      I will go as far as printing out April’s Certificate to keep me going!

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