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Slice of Life sols_6

and what a slice! So much has happened over the past fortnight… I am treating you to two slices as once again I forgot to post a slice last week.

I have finally (after lots of decision making) started a new life. I have finally regained enough of my ‘self’ to power and guide my own path forward. Mr G and I have had our new house for a month now and the rewiring and electrics have been done (in less than a week), we have spent 2 nights (in gorgeous) summer sunshine working in the overgrown garden, which is already beautiful and with our TLC, green fingers and creativity we hope that over the next few years we can get it to a gorgeous garden level.Green-Clovers-Vector-Illustration

This evening after work we watered all the plants at the allotment and then headed over to our new home, we worked at chopping back a part of the overgrown border and watered all the strawberry, pepper and tomato plants, we (mainly Mr G) constructed the new Tomatoes House and placed it against the summer house. We spent ages trying to get keys to work in it that I was convinced the estate agents had used, later on I tried all the keys so we could both have a bunch with every door on and I found the right key for the summer house!

We had a picnic in the garden for tea and then got home around 9:30pm, tired and happy.

imagesCAPZJ2BH I have written the first draft of a picture book and submitted several poems for publication.

I have also had an exciting week with regards to work. I applied for a job and got an interview, only 6 candidates were chosen, I spent a day researching them, the role and writing a pitch – I have never had to pitch anything in my life! Unfortunately I got pipped to the post by a chap who was already working in that field.

However, I did get a lovely call from the Company Director reassuring me that my pitch was the best and that if I had had a little more experience I would have been the one they appointed but they didn’t have the funding or spare man power to put me in position and then train me up. The point is – this is the first job application I had written and sent in 2 years – 2 years ago I got no interviews, it has been 14 years since I applied for a job outside of my profession.

So the 1st application and I got an interview! That alone was enough to show me that my decisions have been the right ones. I will succeed. The right job will be mine and I will have fun looking. Last week I ended up having a team interview for an hour and a half! It didn’t feel like it – it was fun and comfortable. Because it is true – when you follow your passion, the thing that you are meant to do the universe supports you and guides you to success. At least now I know – I have done the right thing – I am doing the right thing – I can stay on this track and keep going until I find the finishing line and the cherry on the cake? My confidence got the boost it needed!

I have also reunited with friends I have not seen for 5-6 months, it was my first time out in months and was a lovely sunny day too. Perfect!

I have also started to organise the marketing and selling of my apartment (FINALLY!)

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  1. What exciting things both at home and with work. It sounds like your garden will be beautiful in no time! We’ve enjoyed strawberries from our garden this week and made two batches of jam! Good luck with your job search. It sounds like you are on the right track with following your passions.

    • Thanks Kay, this will be the 3rd year we have grown strawberries, would be lovely if we had enough to make jam! I am hoping it is all the start something greater than the places I have been!

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