Picture It & Write – Life


power of words

Original image from iletaitunepub.net

“It’s amazing.” Stella whispered. The Gallery was quiet and she was saying it more to herself than anybody else. This year’s theme was ‘Life’ and the space was full of artistic interpretations. Somehow the black & white canvas caught Stella’s imagination. She sat down to be absorbed by it for longer. Eventually she took her notebook out of her cream handbag & started to scribble, emptying her head of every thought.

Life in liquid

Submerged inside

a wet, red mouth.

Held until breath

can no longer find

any space.

Thrust forward the water

is projected, escaping

splashing and forming droplets,

the artistic random dance of fluid motion.

Aqueous confetti

shared like promises,

luscious intimacy caught by the camera’s lens.

Yielding to external pressure

the water escapes and falls onto skin.

Dripping softly down toย their feet,

Beyond the frame of this Artwork.

Stella replaced the lid on her pen and tucked her notebook back into her bag. Slowly she got up and moved onto the next piece of art.


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    • Me too – I felt the force of the image and the water needed powerful language to reflect it – and I did imagine the direction to the models would be pretend you are in love. It seems playful to me.

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