Marathon Read!


I managed to read all 84 Flash fiction writes this weekend – I often feel curious about the writing I miss, my heart felt congratulations go out to Rochelle who does this every week! Amazing.

Click to read my Flash – the same button on the Story post will take you to Rochelle’s site and the other 83 flash stories!


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  1. Whew… my eyes hurt just thinking about that!!! 🙂 Haven’t gotten through all of them yet, but I’m sloooowly working on it

    • Yeah more than 20 is a challenge of time consuming proportions. I definitely won’t try it all in one morning again – although I am always wondering what I have missed. Goodness knows how Rochelle does it!

    • Wow – that is an inspirational mission, I have been close before (over 60) and often wonder what I have missed out on, I will try this again – just not in 1 day!

      • Oh, I didn’t say I do it all in one day…Ach, I’d die. I don’t start reading until after I’ve written mine, though… don’t want to taint the originality.

      • Yeah I follow that rule – never read any of them until I have blogged mine. I know – doing it in a day – tusch, what madness!
        I was bonkers, did it in 1 morning!

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