Monthly Review – May 2013: Including a Poll – Please VOTE!


The write year UPDATED


That was May, a month that disappeared even quicker than April!typer

This month I continued my training in the craft of writing, attending 3 fantastic weekend workshops at the Theatre in Script writing, led by Alan Harris, a Welsh playwright. I met some great writers and have posted a weekly review of this experience on the blog;

I also started my Writing Classes in the City – on writing for children taken by Clare Belle. They are very useful and informative.

chn bks

I have also reached beyond the half way point of my online writing course in Rhetorical Composition, it helped me write and present a pitch this week – my 1st EVER pitch went well.cloud_writing2

Unlike April I managed to balance the schedule so I had time to work on submissions as well as training writing.

I managed 5 submissions this month (that’s 19 this year), 4 were poetry, one was a short story (my 1st Urban Fantasy), the story was kindly rejected with some of the sweetest email rejection notes I have ever received. I wait to hear about the rest. One of the 4 poetry entries was a competition – would be great to win that would pay for the writing classes. Or if I win higher up on the podium will reimburse the theatre writing course also.


I missed 2 opportunities for short stories that I ran out of time to finally write – the ideas are half formed in my journal, I will finish the projects and wait for somewhere to submit the stories. I am currently working on a short play & my 6th college submission!

camp_mastheadCamp NaNoWriMo, what already? The summer camp is July this year, I have already started the preparation and will be posting articles, tips and ideas to help any of you who are considering it. I know what I am writing


Genre (Romance)

length 30-35,000

which is fabulous because in the 1st camp (April) I completed 54000 words and it nearly finished me off! I already have a market and hope by the end of the camp to spend a short time editing and redrafting before submitting my first book manuscript this summer. If it works out great, if not I will look into e-publishing. I guarantee (to myself) that whatever I produce in the camp this summer, will be available for the public to read.


My Non-fiction manuscript from Nano Camp April still needs words – about another 40-50,000 words and some top class editing, although I have not had a chance to look back and work on this manuscript I LIVED ITfooter-camp last month and think a step away can only be beneficial.

I have completed some market research and found an opportunity to use a publishing house that doesn’t expect 100,000 and will accept less. My concern at the end of camp was there wasn’t enough content to stretch to a book of this length.

paper-notesI have also completed research in writing for children, the picture book market and writing short plays.

As for Awritersfountain, I am delighted with the growth of my blog. I thank you all for following, commenting and liking. It means a lot to me.

We have had 58 new followers blogging that takes us over followed-blog-200-1x

Received1 Blog Award200533564-001best-moment-award-2 this was actually awarded to the Blog at the end of April but I missed it off last month’s review.

I hope the blog will continue to fill me with positivity and creativity, thank you all.

And in the real world…

I completed the workshops and writing classes, did something important, made a big decision, made an application, received good news, had a wonderful experience, that didn’t lead to an open door but has led to more contacts and renewed faith.

A productive month:

1 short story  5000
10 poems
3 workshops
2 writing classes
2 uni course assignments
 Blog 220 followers
1 award Best Moment

And in the galaxy far, far away from the tip tapping of writing keys… this month;

Mr G and I have managed to get our allotment even more ready, with beans, broccoli and sprouts. He had some help from a friend too as lots of digging was needed! (That’s the bit I can’t do as my back is too weak.)

We have also MOVED MOUNTAINS with our current life plan/ mission, we completed on the house, exchanged contracts, got the keys, booked workmen, jobs started this week and tomorrow we are going around to make a start on the garden!

And I managed to spend a few hours socialising with friends I have not seen since New Year as I have been a hermit.

I have managed to pack a few boxes – but not nearly enough – especially in the light of recent events and I have found time to go to work also!

Thanks for following,

Hope you all had an enjoyable May!


Happy writing x

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