FWF – Wordbank Poem – The Lovers




sweet – lavender – flute – heir – willow – bask



The lovers bask under the guardian of Sun

Dreaming and whispering sweet thoughts to each other.

Rolling over under the willow tree,

Promising their futures will be shared

they wrap themselves in the lavender blanket

and embrace the infinite journey of new sensations.

Champagne flutes collide at their feet,

The lovers fill each other

oblivious to anything other than

their world

consumed by all senses

they disappear inside to the place

where only spirits dance.

That afternoon after the picnic

and one entwined collision of majestic proportions

they created their heir.




22 responses »

  1. You captured my interest with that first line > The lovers bask under the guardian of Sun! Love it and the path it took full of emotion and passion. Life!

    • Thanks Mark for your lovely comments, it definitely wrote itself – it kept growing and growing… I had no idea how it would end and some words from the word bank caused more problems than others. Glad you liked it.

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