Friday Fictioneers – Finale


Copyright - Janet Webb

Copyright – Janet Webb

Corrine shouldn’t have taken it but she hadn’t wanted the night to end, not yet. No-one had noticed.

Hannah was delighted her plan worked. For months she prayed Jasmine would fall ill, and in the end, all an understudy had to do in this town was bed the Director. Textbook.

After the curtain call Hannah had decided to stay in costume but not character to celebrate. Guilty she’d worn the beautiful dress home, she decided to hang it outside. As she stepped out onto the cold, metal fire escape, Corrine O.Ded silently slumped over on the bathroom floor next door.


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    • Thanks Rochelle – I have never seen Black Swan – it is on my must see list – I am waiting for an Arthouse to show it on a big screen!
      It had great reviews – if my writing taps into some of that potential magic – then great!

  1. Very well written. Like Rochelle, I immediately thought of Black Swan. In some cases, such a comparision is not a good thing, but in this case it’s very good! Be it in the highly competitive worlds of ballet or theater, I’m sure many an understudy can relate to the sentiments of your characters!! This has all the makings of a larger piece.

  2. For being new to flash fiction, you’re certainly off to a great start! I’ve been doing these 100 words stories off an on for a couple of years, and I have to say that nothing has benefited my writing more! I’m looking forward to catching up on your work and seeing what is yet to come!!

  3. Good take on the prompt. Like Rochelle and John I also thought of Black Swan – that film obviously made an impression. Hope you enjoy it when you get to see it. Interesting that you’re nearly as new to Flash Fiction as I am. It’s a fun exercise and interesting to see what other people make of the prompts. (I only look after I’ve written and posted my own effort.)

    • Thanks John – I only read them after I have written mine. It is funny all these references to Black Swan because I don’t know the plot – I used to dance and that’s why I am interested in seeing it. I was busy when it was out on general release, I think I bought the DVD in a sale at Christmas but would love to see it on the silver screen.
      Flash is a great writing form and I am glad I found FF when I did.

    • There is an element of grimness to this tale – gritty and realistic as well though. There are layers that are not obvious at first, maybe Hannah is destined to end up the same way as her neighbour, letting other people control and overpower her. Or maybe that one run of shows was enough to quench her thirst. Glad you enjoyed it.

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