Writing Schedule on Hold!


I need technical assistance if anyone can offer tips, please reply.

I have a deadline tomorrow for my online Ohio Uni course. We are developing rhetorical texts and I have to create a PSA – Public Service Announcement – I have had my idea since last week when the assignment was posted. I have researched, selected my images and written text points for the argument and a 250 word explanation.

I am currently either trying to upload to Flickr or convert it as PDF (online and for free- I have managed this conversion) I am not sure where I can post PDF’s publically though.

So the problem is I have my work saved to my memory stick and need to make it public. I am stuck. Deadline is tomorrow. I am about to leave for work, hoping to solve the situation and submit my assignment to WEX tonight.


Are any of you technical wizards?

I am hoping so …imagesCANYEEWS

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    • Thanks Ken – I got there in the end – it took an hour before work – 15 mins after and then about 3 hours – I have no idea why it seems to take so long to complete any of the assignments – I had to edit the PDF on Scribd and then had to write the 300+ words explaining the analysis and rhetorical appeal. I have just spent an hour reviewing them. My assignment is linked in this thread but the statement doesn’t show in full.

  1. Hello! You might consider a site like bepress or academia.edu, or maybe even a free wiki spac to host your .pdf. Must it be a .pdf? Can you convert your original to a .jpg and put it in flikr as an image? Just a few (free) options…hope that helps!

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