Prayer – for Oklahoma


I hadn’t been on Facebook since the 11th May, until last night, I hadn’t seen any news for a week. I saw messages about Oklahoma and this evening after finishing work at 6:15pm I managed to catch the tail end of the news. I saw the reports and the images of devastation.

I cannot imagine having to live in the line of such extreme weathers and my heart goes out to everybody who has been affected.

I have written this poem – words can never say enough…


Twice as big the giant roars

across twenty miles of life,

Damaging all in its path

devastating a community.

People who have to spend

their whole lives preparing

for oncoming tornados.

Living in shelters,

Living with a plan.

Buildings flattened to dust

Lives of all at school,



An elderly lady survives.

She is interviewed in front of

rubble that used to be her


She says God answered her


She asked to survive.

She was sitting on a stool

Holding onto her dog.

She believes she has lost everything.

As she talks a pair of eyes appear

Under the walls that were once

her home.

A pair of ears and a bewildered face,

her silent companion


The journalist helps her move

her broken home off his back.

The elderly lady turns to

the camera and says

‘Seems God has answered both

My prayers.’

Such strength


such loss.



© Copyright 2013 CBS News

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    • There is a lot of prayer for the survivors of the tornado- It is shocking to discover events like this via facebook. The images are shocking that’s why I decided to find an image of the lady who’s prayers were answered.

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