Writers Fuel


I haven’t had a coffee ALL day… My day started at 7.30a.m and has literally only just stopped!
Coffee is my fuel. Today I managed a breakfast cereal bar and a cup of soup on the go with maybe 2mins break/sit down all day… And even then I was multi-tasking!
Some big decisions have been made today, not easy ones.
In a flux of grabbing bags to go home my coffee (well Mr G’s coffee I had borrowed and taken into work in the hope of getting some in a mug of hot water… Fell out of my bag, hit the metal chair leg and shattered into a billion shards! What a waste of caffine.

Now I’m lying on the bed surrounded by notebooks, magazines and Easter egg wrappers. Trying to complete May writing schedule, finish chores, find telephone numbers for calls in the morning AND find all quotations for car insurance.

Tomorrow as well as writing & working … I need to; do foodshop, book mot, speak to several important people, contact people about marketing my apartment. Compare insurance renewals. Chores. Business meetings. Research. And hopefully also relax a bit.

Tonight (if I had less willpower) my fuel would be alcohol.

Chocolate will have to do.
Easter eggs are a bonus to still have. I mean mini ones when I say eggs.

What’s your fuel?

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  1. Definitely chocolate 🙂 The more, the better! We do decaf in our house (the joys of getting older=heart palpitations from too much caffeine) but chocolate is always welcomed!

  2. Peanut butter. Anything dipped in peanut butter. Chocolate or apples work best – depends on how I’m feeling.
    I also LOVE curling up at my favourite coffee shop with a nice cup of coffee sprinkled with cinnamon and writing. Probably one of my favourite things in the world.

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