I Need Elves to Come and Finish My Work!


We managed to get a lot done in the allotment today, it was extremely sunny and we didn’t get in until around 4pm.imagesCA5D8XEO

My back hurts and I was falling asleep. Tonight I wanted to do my work and prep for this week (more reviews tomorrow) and then get my online college assignment done!

elves2 I’ve spent 5 hours working and gathering resources! elves   I am now an expert on a book I loved as a child!

I went to the new house, lots of post coming – could barely get in through the front door. Have met the neighbours as they took a parcel in for us and have made some plans. I have just finished another 2 hours paperwork and I will fall asleep in a minute, so I am going to bed and hope that I can get up early and grab 2hrs before work to finish.

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