A (Flat) Note from Rejectionsville!


On Friday I submitted a short story. It was my 1st attempt at Fantasy genre (although I have read the genre!) an Urban Fantasy at that (easier I thought as I have lived in cities and never the mountains or forests!)
It took me the best part of the week to complete and was 4012 words.
The idea was born from a Picture It and Write challenge I posted last weekend. curved-road

I have just checked my inbox, I did miss the deadline – the publication I saw open submission call out in had printed the incorrect deadline.
However, when you find yourself in rejectionsville it’s nice to carry around a bit of paper that says it wasn’t bad. Writing needs to fit. Considering it was my 1st attempt and it was for an international market I don’t feel dejected – I feel like there is a lot to learn and I am going to keep trying.

It is another pleasant email rejection, my manuscript was at least read. (Yipee!) Not bad for a submission 2 days late of the deadline! I take that (if it is indeed true) to be a huge compliment.

                                                                                                                                     ‘It’s really good …

… and I enjoyed it.’     imagesCAUYQ41E



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    • Thanks, I post the rejections as well as the published successes because the blog is follow my progress through this decision and these are the bits behind the scenes you don’t see.
      Good advice & motivation for myself and others – thanks to you both.

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