Writing Away


Friday rolls around and I can see the end to another busy work week.

I have spent 2 hours this morning completing my short story – an urban fantasy, my 1st attempt at such a thing.

I did some retrospective research and found that I wasn’t far off the mark. I had to amend the setting a little. The characters were fine and have grown out of last week’s Picture It & Write prompt. Read it here

I was aiming for 3000 words, it is just over 4000 but… now comes the edit! Chop, snip, change, chop, snip, change, chop, snip, change. I aim to get it submitted before going to work today!

(I’d cross my fingers, but I need all 8 to edit!)


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    • Well done for doing the same – it has been a tough week on many levels and was so hard to push through the writing too – but I did it! Good job too – as I fell asleep this evening, waking up just in time to complete edit, proof and submit!
      Kudos to you morning writer.

    • Yes, I was quite brutal this evening, very much – that doesn’t work, delete.
      I had been attempting to edit as I wrote a bit, as it was a 4000 word short and I would find more than bitesize chunks of editing a nightmare!
      Then I had to do the final proof reads and make sure it flowed.
      Just found out conflicting information was printed about submission dates though, so I am hoping it will be accepted!

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