FWF Freewrite Friday


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I know the country

But I don’t speak the same language,

I am hoping for something

that will never be.

I wish I had just turned around

and walked away.

I hate the feeling of homesickness.

Trapped in this eternal limbo

between a place I wanted

and a place I could be.

Desperately seeking to settle

in a place that doesn’t even






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  1. In such a short thought, you were able to write a piece that conveys so much. Many can relate to this feeling of searching and longing, but not all can explain it as you have. Beautifully done. Thank you.

    • Thanks Kellie – I find your prompts engaging and the free writes flow. I guess we can all relate to these feelings, even though when you experience them you feel like the only person in the world that is experiencing such things.

  2. I think you’ve very eloquently expressed that hard-to-encapsulate ambivalence and have voiced a conversation we’ve probably all had with ourselves (but yours being in better words!)

    • Thanks for such a sweet comment – when I have conversations with myself in real life (like at times like these) I don’t use poetic language either 😉

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