On Your Marks, Get Set…


Go! That is exactly how I feel today, it is a race (and believe me I’m NO runner!)

This morning was a race to submit writing – in 2 different venues, on 2 different PC’s and neither worked!
An intense planning meeting followed by prep for Writing Class homework!
This afternoon I am researching and writing on a deadline, then writing the end to my short story (due tomorrow) and hoping to edit, proof etc. (I must learn how not to write right to the bone of a deadline!)
After that I need to take a trip to Ohio (virtually, unfortunately) to find out what I am supposed to do for assignment 4. (Posted Monday!) Can you see why I need 24/7 internet access?

I also picked up some post today, a poetry book from the Poetry Society which (when I have time) will be a good read!

Right… time to be a headless chicken! typer

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  1. The first and second legs (neither one connected to writing) have now been achieved! (AND BREATHE!) I can now spend some more time on the current short story manuscript knowing I have done all I can to balance the other parts of my life! (For now…)

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