First Submission of the Month.


My 15th of the year… document-wizard-icon

Today is a day where I missed an opportunity to submit… Don’t you hate it when you suddenly find out about an opportunity and nothing fits and your muse tank is empty!

I am currently editing my next submission, deadline tomorrow.
A lot of things on the list for tomorrow.

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    • No worries, like all you want. I have been riding the muse tank empty for the last week but I won’t submit anything I’m not 100% happy with. I skipped it and will log it on missed opportunities- I also like to challenge a write to theme so I have a foundation for writing in the future. Hope this makes sense I am on phone and can’t read back.

    • I am sure you will get there when the time is right, I had the same problem, that’s why I haven’t written for 6 years or so, there are many writers that have picked up pens since then!
      Last year my hours were reduced to part time and I was determined to find the good in that situation. I did, it only took months. Then I knew what I had to start doing, I have spent 15 years talking about doing what I am finally actioning now.
      Use the summer. 🙂

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