The Early Bird May Catch a Worm but the Night Owl Finds Opportunities


Ironically it is early, I’m not catching worms. I’m hoping to catch more sleep!

Last night as I sifted through my writing schedule, adding opportunities I discovered I am 1-2 days off a couple of deadlines, my mind having been elsewhere!

Yesterday I managed to submit my picture it and write scene and it sparked a whole story in my head. 1 Deadline fast approaching had no matching submission work until last night. Now it has character, plot, conflict and a twisty ending 🙂 just needs 2600 words and some editing time. I am going to be busy tonight when I get in from work!

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  1. Possibly! 🙂 I didn’t get back to sleep and have just finished all my work prep for the day so now I can knuckle down and get some of the 2600 words done before business calls at 9!

  2. Current word count 3346 with the final few concluding action paragraphs to go!
    It has to be 3000-5000 I am aiming for the middle (after an edit or 2…)

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