Memories of My Own Story


I had already submitted my FWF poem for this week –

please read it on this thread >>>>

(a few days late), I have managed to read a few Free Writes today and was inspired to write ‘Memories of My Own Story’ after reading Marilyn’s FWF pictorial poem

freestock girl  on road


A memory of soft skin,

My mum’s soft skin as she hugged me,

Squeezing me tight until I would

giggle that I could no longer breathe.


A memory of the little rhyme she

would recite when I played up

‘There was a Little Girl who had

A little curl right in the middle of her


When she was good, she was very, very good…

but when she was bad,

she was HORRID!’


I remember watching her hoover

How I copied the dance across the carpet

with a toy cleaner,

Helping her peg washing on the line.


A memory of her kissing me goodnight

With another rhyme

and just as she was close to letting go

I said ‘I wish I was 10!’


Mum was slightly horrified her baby of 5

wished her life away!

She enquired about my reason

I stated clearly I wanted to bake cakes.


A memory of her kind laugh and promises

of mother, daughter baking the next day.


A fonder memory than the weeks she tried to

teach me to iron.

As an adult there are only three conclusions

for ironing, weddings, funerals and job interviews.


Memories of lying in bed on long, summer evenings

listening to my friends,

still playing outside,

There were rules, bed-time, table rules, after school rules,

More rules than many of my friends,

Rules that did me no harm

and have equipped me with a childproof toolkit

if I am ever lucky enough to be a mother.


Memories of her clothes, jumpers I loved.

The stripy rainbow one and the black one

with plastic buttons of varied shapes and colours.

A handbag collection I used to play with.


A memory of smelling her hands

When she came home from work.

A musky scent of beer and

cigarette smoke,

The fragrance of my college years.


Memories rise and fall in my mind,

Too many to write about,

Too many to think about.

She shared an entire lifetime with me.


I am grateful to be here

To remind her of things she can’t recall.

Lots happened to her during our childhood.

I am glad we were there

A reason for her to hold it together.


She gave me everything she had


All of her wisdom and more,

A love that lives in my heart forever.


I will always be grateful ,

I will always remember I am me

Because of her.

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    • Thanks Kim, it is a powerful line, stems from the initial quotation on Kellie’s site (sub-consciously) … Hope you get a chance to read my original FWF post too – link at the top of the page.

    • Thanks – I guess it will evoke emotion from many reader’s who are lucky enough (or who perhaps weren’t) to have similar relationships with their mums.
      Hope you get time to read my original FWF post – link at the top of the page.

    • Thanks for the comment, I hope you find time to read my original FWF poem (link at the top of this post)… This poem was inspired by my reading of Marilyn’s poem, the picture at the top is the only one I have of a child in my media library. I chose the picture for a writing prompt for an AWF challenge that I set up a few months ago.
      I am glad the picture works for you with the poem though.

  1. This was a beautiful tribute to your mom, and my favorite line is “I will always remember I am me Because of her.” I can see the love and respect you have for your mom in every line of your poem, so that even though I don’t know you personally, I can read between the lines and see that you have a deep love for your mother because of the love that she poured into you.

    May God bless you and your mom, and may He draw each one of you closer to one another and Him.

    Many blessings to you,

    • Awwww, thanks for such a sweet message Cheryl. It is true, I am glad that seeps through the poem. I would love you to read my original FWF post too – link at the top.
      I believe God does bless us, he gave us to each other to begin with. 🙂
      I like that line too, glad you enjoyed the read.

  2. I enjoyed reading the entire thing. I had a lot of memories with my Mom. I spent more time with her than with Dad. He was working and such, so I got Mom’s attention a lot.
    Thanks for those memories, too.

    • Thanks for reading it – it looks long on the page, longer than I intended.
      I had already written my FWF entry, when I read Marilyn’s it brought so many memories flooding to the surface that I had to write this.
      Glad it has helped you get some memories to the surface too.

  3. This is just so great memories – I loved the memory about being older – I did that too and for teh same reason – thii hii Thanks for sharing Neenslewy ;D

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